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Sadly, I have had to live in Colorado Springs, Colorado for a while now, and while the place is miserable to live in, it is, fortunately, more than possible to "DX" radio.

DX'd stations, 2012-2024, generally sorted by distance:

Annotations: "^" indicates a non-Class A AM station; "*" indicates an FM station.

DX-ish: stations that are generally receivable in Colorado Springs, but require effort:

This category of stations is largely comprised of stations are those I can generally recieve, albiet with some effort, and I wouldn't consider DX. These stations are generally regarded as covering the majority of the Front Range Urban Corridor, the Interstate 25 corridor, or are generally heard throughout the parts of Colorado east of the Rocky Mountains and Continental Divide.

DX-not: KOA-AM

KOA-AM is a clear-channel station licensed to Denver, Colorado. I've heard some people in Colorado Springs describe KOA-AM when, in reality, it provides reliable "local" coverage of the Colorado Springs metro area, Pueblo, and east to Limon. KOA only becomes what I'd consider a DX station once you get east of Garden City, Kansas, well into New Mexico (on the south end), past Glenwood Springs, Colorado (on the west end), and near Casper, Wyoming (on the north end).

KOA-AM coverage map

Absent from the FM band in Colorado Springs: KXKL-FM and KALC-FM

These two stations transmit at 100 kW, and produce a signal which can be heard well into Wyoming (at the north) and used to be heard as far south as Pueblo. KXKL-FM transmits on 105.1 MHz, while KALC-FM transmits on 105.9 MHz.

KXKL's signal is more-or-less knocked out by K286CO-FM, a low-powered station relaying KJME-AM, a station relaying Educational Media Foundation's "Air1" Christian radio network; K286CO transmits at 45 watts, but has an open construction permit to broadcast at 99 watts on 92.1 MHz. K286CO signed on March 31, 2017.

KALC's signal is also more-or-less knocked out by K290AK-FM, also a low-powered station relaying a Christian station, this one relaying KTLF-FM, a local Christian station. KTLF-FM itself has excellent coverage (on 90.5 MHz) of Colorado Springs, its city of license. Nevertheless, K290AK-FM transmits at 99 watts, and signed on June 1, 2023.

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