KONAT stands against discrimination and bigotry.

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By-nature, KONAT is a semi-political website (with aggregation of American and Korean headlines, including stories of a political nature); however, KONAT's news curator and primary writer ("econobox_") has previously enforced a "do not comment" practice in regards to true political turmoil and other hot-button issues. This internal policy remains partially in-place, however, it is now the time to speak out.

We remain semi-neutral on Roe v. Wade & the overturning.

KONAT's writers acknowledge that a woman should be allowed to make an informed decision in regards to her own health and wellbeing, including bodily autonomy. We also believe that men should enjoy the same privelages; without infringing upon others. KONAT itself is a website-- websites are not people, therefore, KONAT itself doesn't take a stance, while its writers may be allowed to take a stance on selected issues.

KONAT stands against discrimination and bigotry.

KONAT and its writers will not tolerate bigotry, discriminatory speech, and threats, both on and offline as they pertain to KONAT, the writers' wellbeing, and general security.

Comments made outside of official KONAT delivery channels (konat.neocities.org, Twitter, and email) by KONAT writers shall not be considered to be representative of "the organization's" collective stance on a particular issue, as management maintains that writing and personal life are separate objects.

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