Internet freedom in 2022 -- nonexistent.

AKA: "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."


For those who haven't heard, a site known as Kiwi Farms has been blocked off by its CDN, CloudFlare. This is due to"a pressure campaign started with the goal to deplatform Kiwifarms." Seemingly, the so-called pressure campaign has worked. DDoS-Guard, a Russian firm, even dropped Kiwi Farms from its services, citing their acceptable use policy [PDF]. Since both of these firms have opted to drop them, Vanwa Tech has picked Kiwi Farms up as a client. According the linked Daily Dot article, CEO Nick Lim maintains that Vanwa Tech is a neutral service provider-- which is fair, after all, that is what both their policies and established precidents regarding what and who they will and will not serve; which is good-and-all, however, some people think they should break from that 'promise' and drop Kiwi Farms.

Big tech and their allies want a future where only specific thoughts can be expressed through specific channels. They simply cannot live with dissenting thought. Sound familiar? Now, having combed through the postings on Kiwi Farms, I firmly hold the belief that the 'dox' information is simply the information you'd find on a person from searching their name online and looking at one of the many public record/datamine parsing sites (e.g. Spokeo or Whitepages) -- which, from experience, typically includes a telephone number, address, full name, and people who are a possible match for relatives. FYI-- anyone can pay to access this information, fully unredacted.

At the end of the day, there has to be a place for all speech online, even possibly offensive, transphobic, or racist speech; I'm onboard with censoring CSAM (Child Sexual Exploitation Material), however, as there is no place in society for CSAM. At this point, the censorship of percieved hate speech seems to be attached to double standards (example: if the post mentioned at ~1:43 were made by a white person, it would've likely been slammed as racist.) I'm not here to be the chief justice of what is and isn't hate speech-- since what hate speech is seems to be entirely subjective-- a phrase said by both an Asian and a white person may be considered hate speech when one of them says it, but not the other; a post made by both a transgender individual and a cisgender person may be considered hateful when one or the other says it.

So, I leave you with this question: What do you believe to be hate speech?

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