Recommended Operating Systems for Privacy & Security

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In this era, its incredibly hard to locate user-friendly operating systems that respect privacy and offer decent security out of the box. That's why I have compiled this (subjective) list of such operating systems. I'm aware that privacy and security are inherently different things (e.g. if your only objective is secure use, then services from Google would be a good proposition, as they have the ability to mitigate threats faster than a smaller firm may, but if you need privacy and security, you would likely look at other options), so that is why this list is a subjective, non catch-all list.

NOTE: All listed Linux distros support disk encryption out-of-the-box, even if not explicitly mentioned in the descriptions.

Recommended for out-of-the box use (little/no customization needed)

Recommended for technically advanced users

Recommended for "extreme circumstances" (defined as a need to remain relatively secure and untraceable)

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