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I'm tired of political polarization, and politics in general. In my short time of existence, I've seen society accept homosexuals, devolve into a surveillance state, and alarmingly, embrace conspiracy theories. I'm not just talking about the USA or Korea, this is happening everywhere. And I'm just saying this-- I'm done with it.

Its not all political, asshole

People like to politicize everything. And when I say everything, I mean truly everything. Vaccines, shootings, even technology. The politicians and the press are especially guilty of pushing this, because calamity sells. The people simply ate it up. Just look at Info Wars, which pushed the USA's right-wing even farther right. Remember January 6? That was fueled by political lies about the election. The right seems more guilty of this, honestly.

But Joe Trump good! Donald Biden bad!

Shut up. I don't care. If you want to attack me over my views, then you've lost, as you will have proven yourself incapable of civil debate.

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