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As a person of the western world, I've noticed one recurring theme over the last ~decade: everything has to be political. And if it isn't already political, it will be soon. Technology? Political. Bodily and mental autonomy? Political. Education? Political. Religion? Political. These are just a few examples.

Starting 100% off-order, education is one of the most currently politicized things in the western world currently... well, at least in the USA (which is really what this article is about) it is. There's no doubt that public and private education is hellbent on indoctrinating your children, that's just a reality, everyone has a message to push, everyone has a product to sell, that's life. The issue I take with dragging politics into it is trying to force varying ideals into the mix, such as religion in public education, "LGBT" ideals in any classroom, and race theory in private schools. I'll be honest when I say I have a likely fringe view on the matter-- schools should merely be teaching arithmetic, language (including foreign language [귀중한 기술입니다]), science, history, and anatomy (which includes 'seuxal education'), and some form of elective class (computer science or whatever)-- not sexuality, racial theories, or politics. Although, indoctrination is inevitable, so remember to drink the kool-aid and not resist.

Still, even with what I've said, I still think people need to keep this left-right B.S. out of the school board meeting, P.T.A. meeting, and classroom. Just let children learn, let teachers teach, and stop making Fahrenheit 451 look like reality.

On track, why the hell is technology political? Its simple, surveillance is bad for citizens, big tech wants to influence us, and the NSA thinks you're the next Mohammed Atta. "Simple as."

Bodily and mental autonomy is also political, somehow. Vaccines? The GOP claims they're a DNC mind-control device or something. Abortions? The GOP claims they're somehow war crimes or something. Masks? The DNC somehow claims they're the be-all-and-end-all in healthcare. Non-big-tech? The DNC claims its bad because of "no censorship," the GOP claims its bad because "criminals can go unchecked." I could take a million punches at these-- the GOP and DNC function like two rabid dogs, no remorse, no care.

Its simple, I, and anyone else, should be able to do as they please in this instance with their bodies and minds, with no justification for others.

Religion is political as well, not so much in the sense of "the holy book is politics," more so in the sense of "you will do as I say, pray to whom I pray, and speak of no evil, otherwise, you are a terrorist." Christians seem to be the main issue in the USA when it comes to this, so I've gone and cherrypicked an important sentiment from the Bible (KJV, of course): Romans 13:10 - Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. The hate driven from this sort of extremism directly works against the ideals preached in these religions, and attempting to shove it into law directly contradicts with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" which is interpreted as being able to practice religion, exercise religion, and establish religion-- the government simply may not establish state religion, force people to pray, or force people to convert to any religion.

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