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International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. 03/17/2023

U.S. inflation up 6% from this time last year; increased 0.4% since Feb. 03/14/2023

Some eyes on Credit Suisse amid collapse fears driven by Silicon Valley failure. 03/14/2023

Suspected Chinese surveillance balloon sighted over Aleutian Islands, Canada, Northern Continental U.S. 02/02/2023

WHO advises nations to begin stockpiling radiation medication due to tensions between Russia and the western world. 01/27/2023

Democrat politicians want to create Ministry of Truth-esque 'DOJ taskforce' tasked with monitoring people before a crime even happens. 12/09/2022

The brainwashed masses of China have finally begun revolting against their 'lord' Xi-- will they be successful? Or will they do like the Russians and cede back into pure tyranny? 11/28/2022

Top DOE official arrested in Minnesota for stealing woman's luggage. 11/28/2022

UK finance minister declares that the UK is 'in recession'; announces sweeping budget cuts and tax hikes. 11/17/2022

Massachusetts sued for working with Google to install SPYWARE on Android devices without owners' consent. 11/16/2022

Texas AG files lawsuit regarding Google's handling of biometric data; cites the Texas Capture or Use of Biometric Information Act. 10/21/2022

Texas AG Ken Paxton describes Google's handling of biometric data as 'modern Eye of Sauron' -- AKA, all-seeing, omnipresent. 10/20/2022

Colorado 'accidentally' sends voter reigstration information to non-citizen aliens. 10/07/2022

Federal court rules that big tech lacks a 'freewheeling' right to censor as they please. 09/19/2022

American university supported Chinese big tech firms' data collection efforts. 08/22/2022

Hopes for mild recession "delusional," according to respected economist. 07/25/2022

WHO alarmbells going off: "monkeypox pandemic" possible. 07/15/2022

Manchin successfully forced Biden admin. to push more economical fiscal/spending plan for the "Build Back Better" agenda. 07/15/2022

SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade, leaving abortion legislation up to states. 06/24/2022

SCOTUS upholds Heller and McDonald verdicts, overturning oppressive New York state gun laws. 06/23/2022

Polio resurfaces in the western world-- cases identified in the UK with community transmission. 06/22/2022

Proof of concept exploit reveals severe weaknesses in encryption utilized by Mega(dot)NZ. 06/21/2022

American recession IMMINENT. Brace now. "Do not stay the course." 06/15/2022

Biden admin. seeking to INCREASE daata collection on U.S. citizens as online privacy improves. 06/08/2022

Yellen FINALLY acknolwedges inflation! Maybe if they stayed in their isolated-elite 'pod' for any longer, they'd be personally impacted... 06/07/2022

Federal government indicates that the USA is on the brink of a recession 06/07/2022

ROK, USA retaliate against the DPRK's missile tests. 06/06/2022

Gas prices nearing 2x what they were when Biden took office. 06/03/2022

U.S. government has conducted cyberspace activities on the behalf of Ukraine. 06/02/2022

Joe Biden pressed fed chair on inflation 05/31/2022

Joe Biden visits Uvalde, Texas (site of aforementioned massacre). 05/28/2022

TX elementary school shooting leaves at least 12 injured. 05/24/2022

Pentagon planning to send troops to Kyiv to defend American Embassy. 05/23/2022

Monkeypox found in Florida- CDC's alarmbells go off. 05/23/2022

Joe Biden raises alarmbells about monkeypox. 05/22/2022

WHO declares "outbreak" of monkeypox... cases found in: Italy, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, the USA, Canada, and the UK. 05/20/2022

U.S. gas prices could reach $6/gallon by end of summer. 05/19/2022

Yoon & People Power Party lawmakers commemorate Gwangju Uprising. 05/18/2022

PRC's internet censors begin reveailing users' locations in blatant attack on privacy and anonymity 05/18/2022

California church shooter allegedly motivated by hatred towards Taiwan & Taiwanese people. 05/17/2022

Mariupol/Azovstal surrender- Ukrainians surrender. At KONAT, we stand in solidary with Ukraine & its people. Слава Україні. 05/16/2022

DPRK COVID: some 395,000 new cases. 05/16/2022

Venezuela finally concedes and begins to break from its socialist model-- selling off 5%-10% stakes in telecommunications companies and a petrochemical firm, to name a few. 05/14/2022

COVID spreading 'rapidly' in the DPRK. Panic among Kim regime ensues. 05/14/2022

Secrecy around 01/06/21-related subpoenas for GOP lawmakers. The writer may not agree with them, but this should be public record. 05/13/2022

Turkey opposed to Finland joining NATO due to Finnish support for Kurdish militant groups. 05/13/2022

Yoon Seok-yeol offers COVID vaccines to the DPRK, which likely is unable to treat COVID at all. 05/13/2022

Finland applies for NATO membership-- likely joining 28 other European nations. 05/12/2022

As tech stocks crash, demand for Saudi oil rises. 05/12/2022

DPRK confirms first domestic COVID case -- likely clear evidence that the virus has been circulating domestically for quite some time now. 05/11/2022

Everything's political now, seemingly. 05/10/2022 - KONAT in-house

U.S. household debt nearing US$16tn, indicating increased spending amid inflation & price gouging. 05/10/2022

Russian hypersonic missiles target Odessa; hitting Ukraine's supplylines. 05/10/2022

Big tech undermines cybersecurity legislation around the world, go figure. 05/06/2022

CDC performed PRC-like COMPLIANCE TRACKING on U.S. citizens by acquiring location data from cell phones-- and had intentions to perform non COVID-19(84)-related tracking on U.S. citizens. 05/03/2022

Alleged document says that SCOTUS may overturne Roe v. Wade. 05/03/2022

Is the world edging towards WWIII? Lord I hope not. 04/29/2022

Big tech beings to crash... again? Will their reign ever end? Not as long as people don't see past the pretty facade. 04/29/2022

Econobox_ on Political Polarization 04/28/2022 - KONAT in-house

Joe Biden issues his first pardons (3 pardons, 75 commutations) of primarily non-violent drug offenses. 04/26/2022

Putin seems to finally be on the brink of death. Possibly due to cancer? 04/23/2022

Chinese propagandists possibly BURNT DOWN anti-Xi sculpture in California, according to fed. authorities. 04/17/2022

Joe Biden approval CRASHES to just 33%! What's next? Nobody knows... 2022= turmoil. 04/14/2022

CDC further extends mask mandate on public transit... months after the rest of the USA has given up on masks. 04/13/2022

Korean president-elect Yoon has chosen a pro-U.S.A. foreign minister... expect regional termoil, I say. 04/13/2022

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